Client Volume Reports

If a client just wants to see some simple stockpile volume reports, how are most of you presenting the data? It would be nice if the online software had a export to pdf while showing a particular pile with the data as seen on the left.

If I click ‘share’ the 2D map would be shared but not the volume info.

I can go to print page and export a pdf in the printer setup, but it shows the “Have a conversation” box which isn’t good.

I could do a screen grab and edit the areas, but a pain.

What are others doing?

Check out the PDF app in the app store. I think it will do most of what you would like.

Let me know if that’s a solution

I already have plenty of apps and word processors that I can create a document from scratch and export a pdf. I was just wondering if they was a good way to do it in DD and doesn’t look like it. May just have to do some screen grabs, clip, edit and paste into a word doc and go from there …

Mike is referring to the dronedeploy apps market. Do you know how to find that?

Not then… But I do now. And yes, the DD PDF generator is ‘exactly’ what I had hoped for. Thanks folks!!!

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We have another app out now that could also help with this:

The nice thing here is you can export to csv, which can then be taken into Excel or whatever else you’re using.

I need to try this one!

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Let us know what you think of it and any thing you like us to improve.

Can I ask how you’re addressing accuracy in your volumetrics work:

  1. Are you using output from a single flt profile or averaging multiple data sets?
  2. How are you determining accuracy of your figures, and
  3. How do you quote/represent ‘accuracy’ with your clients?
    Thanks, Red


Have you gotten any answers on this or field experience with what works best. I’m curious too.


Haven’t seen any answers to this, but it popped back up so I will address with our experience.

  1. We utilize the native point cloud analyzed with a 3rd party software.
  2. Checkpoints are establish at the tops and toes of the stockpiles.
  3. Accuracy on all contract documents is stated within 2% of actual stockpile volume with densities included. Further explanation is provided to support the accuracy of the drone survey over a traditional rover survey with regards to feature capture.

Hope this helps.

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