A0 Presentation

Hi all,
I’m new to drone mapping and getting great results. I am looking to improve my presentation to customers by giving them an A0 laminated sheet with their flyover results. I’d like this to look professional with the border, scaling and some wording on it.
What is the best program to use and why? Are there any tutorial videos?
I’m currently using the Drone Deploy reports and they arnt up to snuff.

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Free GIMP allows for photo editing and text entry, handles very large images well as long as you have RAM.

QGIS also works but is not as intuitive because it does so much else. It’s probably one the most commonly used software by Drone Mappers.

Most people already have a PDF editing solution that can at least import and convert a GeoTiff to a PDF. We use Bluebeam and it is a simple open and save as. If you also create a PDF template of a border and title block can add it as a layer over ortho.