Remove DroneDeploy logo on shared map?

I understand that DroneDeploy is working on features to allow for the removal of their branding on shared maps but this is not yet complete.

Does anyone have a css/javascript solution to hide the following in the iframe that holds the shared map?



How could this be added to the iframe that holds this content?
.navbar {display: none; }

Any ideas if this is possible? Or does anyone know how else they could hide the DroneDeploy branding?image

We are adding the ability to do this within DroneDeploy very soon!

Any idea on a time frame? I’ve been asking about this or (white Labeling) since January.

It looks like you are “Cobranding” the maps… not “white labelling” them. So, our clients will see your DIY pitch in competition to any service we are trying to provide them. Not a happy situation.

It doesn’t look like we can share Plant Health and Elevation data with our clients without them signing up for the $99/mo pro account… is that right? This is also a real bummer - our clients have to pay a monthly fee just to see a one-off or archival version of their data?

Doesn’t look like DD wants to support service providers.

We recently released an improvement to this, and there are more things coming soon.

Please tell me what the improvement is… I’ve been waiting for months, and don’t see much progress. You seem to be intent on maintaining a “walled garden” architecture. Maybe Apple can pull this off (for a while), but I’m certainly not going to build my drone service business on your technology as long as you treat your service providers as second class citizens.

I’m getting tired of waiting. And after wasting a whole day’s flying with messed up results from the DD app, count me as a very unhappy customer.

You can now specify a logo that will replace the DroneDeploy logo when sharing with users, which was the topic of this post.

In the near future, there are some improvements to sharing as well.

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Why is the “co-branding” as you call it not a part of the Pro package? That’s ridiculous not to include that with the pro package as well!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve forwarded this suggestion to our product team. Right now it’s part of the business plan if you want to be able to use an org logo on your maps when sharing.

It should be …in my opinion…part of both paid plans.Most people can’t afford another $200 a month if all they need is to use the branding!