API integration or white labelling for our services to our clients

Hello, I am sure it’s been answered elsewhere just I couldn’t find the post and answer. I am impressed with droneDeploy site and app. I wonder if there is way that I can offer the services to my clients, farmers (who are mainly access the site for reporting, once I done the flying and uploaded images) who are interested to see such report such as Plant health, Stockpile etc that you currently offer online, but they don’t need to access to ‘Fly and Upload’ section. and Most importantly, I don’t want them to see your branding and URL as I will offer this to as many farmer as possible to build up my services. Is this something please can you point me to a right direction, documentation of API or level of subscription that supports this kind of ‘white label’ where all core technology based on your solution where we can build up our customised reporting on top of your platform. Is this something please can anyone help? Thank you very much.

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Hi Asihan. Welcome to the forum. Are you wanting them to be able to annotate the map/model? Or would you be prepping that? It is easy to send them a view-only link and they can read the analyses but they won’t be able to add anything.

Do you know what outputs they need?

Hi Michael, Thank you for your reply. Yes, form the system access level, you are right, I can just send the client the ‘view only’ link so that they can only view report, not even annotation, that would be sufficient for the client. But my main concern is this, I don’t want to send drone deploy platform’s URL www.dronedeploy.com directly to the client, or is there anyway that I can customise the view of the reporting page? my own logo. etc…

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I usually send via email with a labeled link. I don’t think very many people realize you can copy the hyperlink just looking a the text. Just for clarity the link in the view-only share is not the same as what is in the address bar when you are on the page. That one has authentication values that will ask them to log in. If you trigger the exports they needed they can just go there and download then. I would recommend getting plans/CAD for overlay if you can. That will draw people into the system. That and 360 panos are probably the most requested things from project management.