Questions Regarding DroneDeploy


  1. What’s the best overlap and altitude for 3D mapping of real estate?

  2. What’s the best camera angle and altitude to capture the sides of the property in order to get the highest resolution 3D image.

  3. Once we have the 3D Mapping completed, is it possible to publish this 3D mapping on our website so the client can interact with the 3D Map directly from our website instead of on

  4. How many images approximately are captured for High res 3D of a residential property? Do we have any limitations on uploading?

  5. How much storage do we have in the business plan? We plan on doing 20-30 properties a month.

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Welcome to the forum!

Just my opinion follows. Some of us could offer some suggestions as to best practice for capturing photographs to be used for 3D model creation. But, (and this is a big BUT), I don’t think even what would be considered a good 3D model of a residence would be suitable for the purpose of marketing the property. Video and photographs are going to be much more aesthetically pleasing.
Models are interesting and valuable for certain things, but their visual quality is not in the same league as 2d photography.

Maybe you can point to something online that you are aiming for?