Question about copy annotations


We often use the annotation function.

Among them, location function is used a lot, and the current method is to select location from Tools and then create one by one.

But we wish we could copy the annotations in a more convenient way, like Ctrl+drag.

In addition, if we have functions such as multiple copies, we may be able to use them usefully when copying location annotations.

Please refer to the link below and the attached file.

(Project : 01주택 > 02 진행 > e김포마송B2BL)

Thank you


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Just to clarify, what is different from this request? We will consolidate them and move this one.

It would be great to have the ability to cope annotations from one map to another

You can copy from map to map, but I think the OP wanted copying on the same map rather than having to click the icon and renaming each new one.

That’s great to hear, but I can’t figure out how. How do I select and copy annotation from one map to another?

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Get the Copy Annotations app from the market. You can’t select individual annotations though. Be on the map you want to copy from, hit the button and it will go through a short process then prompt you for the map you want to copy to.

Thanks, Michael. That is great.

You have been very helpful. Any chance you know how to deselect “all annotations” and then turn back on select annotations?

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Not possible as of right now.