Question about unselect all annotations


We often use the annotation copy function at the construction site.

Selective copy function has been added previously, so we are using it conveniently.

And we often use more than a dozen annotations.

But let’s take an example that we copy only five of the 50 annotations.

Currently, we have to uncheck each of the 45 annotations, so it takes a long time.

When we unchecked the check box on the left side of ‘date created’ in the annotation window,

this problem will be solved if all of the annotations below are unchecked.

We only need to check five of the 50 annotations with all of them off.

Link below and attached files are one of the examples.

(Project : Test > 청천 GCP TEST)

(Date captured : [Nov 5, 2020](calendar:T2:Nov 5, 2020))

Please let us know the cause and the solution of the problem as soon as possible

Thank you



This is something that is sorely needed. We talked about it a while back, but there was never any movement. Make sure you are taking advantage of the Search and Filter functions at the top. If you name items specifically and consistently it alleviates some of the pain, but the ability to have everything to turn off when unchecking the master box so you can select individual items rather than deselecting unwanted annotations needs to happen.

Would be really great to see this feature and seems like it would be very easy to code.