Creating Separate Annotation Group OR Duplicate maps

It would be very useful to be able to create different annotations group and be able to toggle back and forth between a different Group VS the entire annotations.

For example if you had a gravel pit inventory and you want to do monthly annotations but also have the same map for reclamation annotation without seeing all the other ones.

I would see value in that instead of duplicate the maps. which would take care of it.

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Love it. I think it would be interesting to have user-based annotations that can be published. In PlanGrid you can markup your instance as much as you want and noone else can see it unless it is published. Allot of work needs to be done in this area to make it more attractive to organizations. You’re getting beat out by Propeller and Pix4D just for the sake of sharing capabilities and permissions.

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Completely agree with that last statement.


Any thoughts on getting around that feature request for now?

I don’t really wish to upload two different maps and process, tag ground control points (Pay for the map processing with ground control points) and the wait time just to have a different set of annotations on the exact same map for reclamation purpose??

What I want to do is to be able to turn one custom “group” of annotations off for example labelled “Inventory annotations” and turn another one called "reclamation with also volume/Distances/points annotations.

right now having to duplicate everything twice and upload/tag GCP’s/ pay and wait for a map that might not be exactly the same due to processing is counter productive…

@MichaelL ?

I haven’t heard anything but agree this would be an awesome feature. They need to emulate what plangrid does. Including the ability to publish annotations from others if it makes sense.

any workflow around it for now to solve my issue?

Afraid not in DD. Ours scenario is a little different because we do all the volumetrics for the Team. Anything else they do on an exhibit in Bluebeam which can do anything horizontal.