Problem with app Dronedeplay Ios with Ipad and Phantom 4

Hello I have a Phantom 4 and Ipad Mini 4 and when go to work to a big area 74ha the problem is the system start ok and when pass 5 or 6 minutes the aplication is freeze because the photos have a refresh in the display becuase the icon of the phantom is stopped no move for app when return the drone and continue the mission the problem is the return point is the freeze position in the display no the real final positon.
Thank you

hi @bochosa- sorry this happened to you. It’s a priority for us to improve the app experience, and we’re working with DJI to make the connection more stable going forward. Thanks for your feedback.

@neema, does it help to point the parallel antennae at the drone throughout the flight in order to better maintain the connection?