Video Feed Freezes

Hey guys,

Looking for help with a video feed issue that we’ve been getting whilst using DroneDeploy.

Everything goes smoothly until we click begin flight and then the little video feed in the top right hand corner of the screen freezes as an image of either: a brief moment after take off or what is in front of it just before it leaves the launch pad.

Not sure whats causing this and have dredged through the forums to find others with the same issue but can’t.

Were using a brand new iPad Mini and a Phantom 4K Pro, if that changes anything; and the most recent update of DroneDeploy as of 31/08/2017.

Any help is much appreciated.


Is that a Mini 4 or an iPad Mini? Older ones don’t have the processing power to keep up.

I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app and also turning the mobile device off and back on to clear out possible conflicts.

Hi John,

I’m curious to know if you’re using the Phantom 3 4K or are you using the Phantom 4 Pro? This bit of information will help us figure out what the issue is here. I look forward to hearing from you!


Interesting Gary. I am using an IPad Mini 2 and I get issues with the video feed in the camera window. It blacks out, then comes back then drops out again. Mainly on the flight home.

Is this purely processor ? I am thinking of upgrading but cant decide between the Ipad 9.7 or the bigger one.

Any recommendations.


Stephanie brought up a good point. Is it a 4K or a 4 Pro? The 4K radio system between the controller and the drone is weaker than the 4 Pro. If it is a 4K, that may be the limitation. It may be losing signal. Are your antenna’s extended?

I have had great success with the iPad Air 2 cellular 64GB.

I’m using the 4 Pro. Antenna’s are extended.

It doesnt prevent my missions - just odd that it blacks out the screen so often on the return trip, especially when it doesnt seem to do it when taking pictures.

I’ll get a later ipad and see how that performs.


Hey guys!

Thanks for all the replies, to answer a few of the questions;

It is the 4 Pro, sorry my confusion!

And the iPad that we’re using is the Mini 4.

It will be a little while before we can actually test the software to see if anything has fixed, but will definitely reinstall the app for now.


Hi @John_Finnigan,

Just to verify, have you tested out a different mobile device that is not an iPad mini? If you’re able to test out DroneDeploy on a different mobile device it will help my team narrow down the root of the issue.

I also suggest double-checking to see that all of your apps and software are up to date as well, especially the DroneDeploy app.

Keep me posted,

Hey Christina,

At the time we didn’t have the time to try anything else and just flew without a video feed.

Sorry that I can’t be more helpful to you, but I was just wondering if this was a common issue that had a quick fix.

Ill update this thread when I have more information and have tried other things.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @John_Finnigan,

Do let me know if you’re able to reproduce this issue on a different mobile device or if it constantly occurs with the same setup and equipment.

I always recommend rebooting everything you’re using and making sure all apps/software are up to date just for good measure if you experience an issue out in the field. Once I have more info about what other things you’ve tested, I can take a deeper look into what’s going on.


Sorry for necroposting, but I face the same issue with P4A with latest firmware and new IPad Mini 5 with last DroneDeploy build. The video feed freezes some time after take off. The feed resumes after first photo is taken - it may be the first photo according to flight plan or it may be taken manually. The feed freezes again some time after the drone starts RTH. And again the feed can be resumed by taking photo or starting video capture manually.

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