Plan Start Failed: Waypoint Intercept Error

I have a Mavic 3E and I’m trying to fly a mapping mission over my house for a learning exercise. When I attempt to start the flight I get through the permission checklist with all green checks. Then I attempt to initiate the flight I get the following error message.
Plan Start Failed: Error: Failed to execute the flight route. Waypoint intercept error

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Hi thanks for posting!

This typically means that one or more waypoints are too close together for DJI’s minimum radius.
Use the Advanced Settings option to rotate the flight direction and simplify the corners. This usually clears it up.

If cross hatch is not needed here, you can turn it off as well to avoid this error.
The crossing pattern can sometimes cause this error at the corners.

Thank you @Lindsey_Huffman for the advice, that’s exactly what I needed to do.

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