Photos reverse stitched


I had uploaded the photos in reverse order so even the stitching was done in upside down, could you please help me on this

hi @Abi - are you manually geotagging the images? If so, please check your settings on Mission Planner or whichever software you are using. Whenever we’ve seen this before, the orientation on the images was rotated by a certain number of degrees, which leads to the map being flipped. You can check this by downloading one of the images and opening the EXIF data.

Hi Neema

Thanks for the reply, I did not manually geotagge the images, I just uploaded the photos taken from drone supported by drone deploy software.
I checked the EXIF data it is normal there is no such rotation
please have a look at it image

Is it possible to upload the images again for same flight plan ?

Thanks, @Abi- I checked back on the map. The ground level imagery and imagery of the horizon is distorting the distance within the map. Please remove images such as these

and the test photos with a person in them, and you should see better results.

We have some more tips on this here: