Map stitching skips images

This flight was done with the standard setting for overlap. Several areas didn’t make it into the map as you can see in the pictures( dark green in the middle of the bare earth is the missing imagery) It is very steep terrain so I don’t know if this is the issue? Is there a way to determine this?

The erratic image spacing has been an issue for a while as noted in the thread below and it has been contributed to the fact the DroneDeploy calculates their captures by GPS location which is a bad idea in my opinion because of the inaccuracy of typical drone GPS but the affect you are seeing is because of homogenous subject and the lack of tie-points across grids of images. I have seen this same problem on what would seem to be less problematic maps. What AGL was this flown at?

Interesting thread. So there really isn’t any fix for now? I was flying a matric 200 at standard lap, slow speed (11 mph) and 210ft AGL.

What camera? Can you post a snip of your elevation map? From what I see there is no reason why this part should have done this. I almost expect trees when they are at a high point and don’t get sufficient overlaps but I think something just glitched in processing. i would try it again. If you want PM me a link to download the images and I will try it on our account and in Simactive Correlator 3D. Just one more observation is that the top left of that image looks really blurry?

Yes it is a little blurry in that corner. Must have skipped some pictures because it looks severely stretched. Is this the elevation map your looking for? I’m flying with a zenmuse 7x 24mm.

I can send you a a link to images but It will be a couple days. Thanks for your help!