P4P white balance and focusing issues

I used the P4P with the automatic settings. I noticed after I was done the white balance was noticeably off as well as the focus was off. I noticed the drone deploy app modified some settings such as making the picture +3 sharp and a custom white balance of 5400.
The day was overcast.
Is the solution to turn off the automatic settings on drone deploy for the mission. Next go into DJI Go 4 app and set the white balance and focus to infinity. Finally run the mission with drone deploy.
At this time I’m looking for a solution of what steps to take and not necessarily looking to resolve this issue within Drone Deploy.

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this issue. This has happened to me outside of the DroneDeploy app, sometimes DJI Go will adjust the automatic settings incorrectly, leading to overexposure. My recommendation is to use manual settings. Here is a useful article on getting the best possible photos, it’ll improve the quality of your maps.

When the box ‘use automatic settings’ is checked, then which settings does drone deploy set?

For instance, on a recent mission the settings for white balance, iso, shutter speed, and taking a pic every 2 seconds were set.

If the box ‘use automatic settings’ in unchecked, then what ever settings I set via DJI Go 4 app are used. These settings are used regardless of whether or not the drone is turned off after making the settings.

Do I have this correct?