White balance and jpg+raw settings disregarded

Hello everyone,
I have problems with the settings in drone deploy, maybe someone has ideas how to solve it.
I fly automatic mission with inspire 1 and ipadmini 4 and latest software.
Unfortunatly some pictures have a kind of strange color tone (yellow or red) others are fine, which makes the whole mission useless since i want to stitch them (orthofoto). I presume it is the white balance and that dronedeploy changes the setting during the flight.
I wil describe the way a set up the camera.

  • switch on drone
  • set white balance to sunny in dji go and choose jpg+raw. The rest of the settings I leave to auto
    (I checked these setting during a manual flight with dji go and they worked fine)
  • switch off dji go
  • start dronedeploy
  • choose “set exposure manually in dji go”
  • fly automatic mission
  • get bad pictures…
    When I check dji go again, my settings are back to auto white balance and jpg. No raw format.
    It seems dd is changing the settings.
    Any ideas how to keep the setting?
    Or can you think of othe reason for this changes in color tone.
    Thanks in advance
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Is this the v1 Inspire 1? When you manually set your WB in DJI, close the app and get back in does it save that WB setting? White-Balance is always auto in DroneDeploy and cannot be relinquished. Does it do the same thing when WB is auto in DJI before starting DroneDeploy?


to be honest I dont know if its v1, it my bosses drone. But I presume so, since it only sais" inpire 1" on the drone itself.

Yes, when I change the WB in dji, close it and open it again it keeps all my settings.

Any ideal why dronedeploy it changing my settings?

Any ideas how to get pictures without red or yellow color tone, or at least all pictures with the same tone?



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There is a v1.0 and v2.0 Inspire 1, but it may be a camera issue as well. What are you using?

Honestly I would contact support@dronedeploy.com and they may be able to help with the assistance of some logs. I had these kinds of problems way back in the day with the Phantom 3 Professional, but not since that unit was retired.

the camera is a zenmuse x3.
how did you solve your problem with your phantom 3?
I will try the support, but I dont have good experience with them.
A couple of weeks ago I contacted them because the switch to manual mode is not working.
I want to land maually after completing the auto mission.
I never got an answer…though this is actually dangerous…

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The Phantom 3 Pro never consistently had good white balance so that combined with the GPS issues it would encounter we ended up retiring it.

Support is usually pretty good, can I ask who responded to your first ticket? I know that some Inspires are having a few issues with the new interface so you might search the forum for that, but you should be able to switch out of F mode and back to it to take manual control.

…I only got a automatic reply, apart from that nobody answered…

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@Andrew_Fraser, assistance please?

Recommend reaching out to support@dronedeploy.com and they should be able to help!

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