Overlap Questions / Quick Settings

Back last year there was just a toggle for additional overlap on / off in the DD Android app.
What were the front and side overlap numbers that were associated with those two modes?

Also, maybe would be nice to see some recommended numbers on that page of the app.
Example: overlap settings for very homegenous corn fields might be 50/50 or whatever

Hi Aaron,

Are you starting to fly again now that growing season is starting?

We used to set the overlap at about 65% frontlap and 55% sidelap I think which is what we default to in the app. When you selected high overlap, we usually upped each one by about 10-15%.

We are planning to revamp the UI and this should have a few places for you to get help within the app for things like this.

Hey Chase,

Yep, doing prep work to get ready (I still need to update the I1, just back from vaca now). Spring-type weather came early here.

I have a few new ideas I’d like to try out. For example, we have new irrigation going in, and I’d like to document the underground wire loop. Also, I’d like to get a higher resolution look at the soil, how the pattern changes and where, in some fields vs Google Earth. Much of our soil is left almost completely bare over winter.

Thanks for the info. That makes sense on those numbers. I just know I had no problem stitching very homogenous corn fields last year with add’l overlap turned on.