Uploading data over cellular

Does anyone actually do this (subject). I certainly don’t and have no plans to ever do it. Yet the app is always asking and expecting me to.

Can’t DD add a user setting to disable this once and for all please?
I want as little extra “stuff” in my control apps as possible.

Thank you!


I only use it when absolutely necessary, which has been two or three times over the past 50. I can see where it would be more valuable for the progress report and live map side of things, but not for full maps. I’m lucky to have unlimited data, but I post-process all my images so it doesn’t matter anyhow.

I think it’s a left over from an older option. AgEagle used DD and you would transfer your data while flying or in the field over a Verizon Network. It was discontinued about 2 years ago. I’ve not known anyone to use this function because you don’t have the data to send, it’s on your sd card. What’s on your tablet are thumbnails and those wouldn’t work in making a map.

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It’s a new function that passes them from the bird to the tablet then uploads them. I didn’t know that it was already publicly available. I’ll never use it unless it’s a small job that I need to get out immediately. It might be more viable once we all have 5G unlimited (lol), but for now it’s just too much data and a good way to eat up some RC battery.


Thanks for your honest feedback on our app. We appreciate when users such as yourself let us know what features they really appreciate vs. which features they find are detracting from their user experience. I agree, a possible disable option on this feature is a great option. I can definitely bring it up as a potential feature request!

Thank you @Kaitlin

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