During our last mission I found that the final twenty or so images (out of roughly 300) were massively overexposed. There were no noticeable changes in conditions which might have caused it and the overexposure was significant, features were barely viable at all in the final images. We’re using a Phantom 3 Pro. Any ideas what might have caused it and how to rectify?

Yep, had the same thing, very frustrating.

So, you weren’t flying over water or a bright image? Just curious.

All my flying is over water

Are these changes happening mid flight? Or is the exposure changing after continuing a previous mission?

It is usually 1 out of every 8 or so missions where it seems it does an aperture adjustment as the ‘start taking photos’ begins and then locks in that fraction of a second over exposure mode.

The problem is that it looks fine on the tablet display, but when I get back to the office find one entire mission overexposed

Our flights have also been over water but it doesn’t look to me as though it’s being caused by a sudden change of conditions (sun reflection or bright objects etc). I’ve just taken a look at the metadata of two adjacent images, the first image is as we’d expect and the second is the first one that exhibits the overexposure problem. In image one we have F-stop of f/2.8, exposure time of 1/5025 sec. and ISO speed of 290. In the second image we have F-stop of f/2.8, exposure time of 1/200 sec. and ISO speed of 100.

Any thoughts about how to stop it happening?