Mavic Camera Settings -- Overexposure

First time user… I ran two short flights… I have seen topics on underexposure, but I experienced the opposite.

The first flight (57 images I think) the images all look pretty good… well exposed. (maybe a little over, though while shooting, the live view seemed more overexposed than the actual JPGs)

I landed the bird and then jumped right back up for the next flight and the live shot window never changed from the first live view at the pad.

The mission finished and when I pulled up the images on the computer, the whole flight was whitewashed.

When reviewing the image info on my computer, the shutter speed on the first flight registered at 1/8000. The shutter speeds on the second flight registered at 1/25 and some at 1/20.

There were no other indications that the flight went sour. Interesting that the live view was never updated though.

Is there an issue when moving from flight to flight? Will the procedure listed in a previous issue (utilizing DJI GO to pre-set some camera settings) work for this issue?

Thank you!


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