Output resolution not as high as planning resolution


If I plan the flight with a .7 in/px res, why does the completed file list 0.8 in/px? Should I always be offsetting the resolution by 0.1 in/pix better than desired?


And this is repeatable (first flight was flown at 0.5 in/pix, output was 0.6 in/pix).


Hi @skadee1,

Hope you are doing well. The resolution that you see while planning your flight is an “estimated resolution” that we calculate depending on your flight parameters, such as overlap, altitude, etc. However, it is expected that the resolution of your map changes a bit during the stitching process. It is mostly dependent on the nature of your site and the image quality.

I hope this resolves your question. Have a wonderful day.



Does it have anything to do with a drone model, if I have Phantom 4 or Phantom 4 Pro? Does DroneDeploy recognize drone model, and does it take this into account when it calculate estimated resolution?


0.1" is equal to 0.008’ right? I’m not sure that there is any measurement that you can do repeatedly that would meet that tolerance or a drone that could produce that resolution.


Hi @Ivan_Lalic,

When you connect your drone to DroneDeploy, DroneDeploy does recognize the drone model and camera that you are using. All this info is taken into account when you are flight planning and mapping.



What if I first connect to DroneDeploy from PC (I not test this), or better question, if I use 2 or more drones with the same account, and I want to plan flight from PC one day before? I not see option to change drone model for prediction.


HI @Ivan_Lalic,

If you’re flight planning without a drone connected or if you’re using desktop, our software assumes you are using a Phantom 4 Pro.