Increasing resolution phantom 4 pro

I used DD the other day for a mapping project and found it to be what I needed. I am on the trial at the moment, and am considering a subscription and have a question regarding resolution.

The settings only allowed me to fly at 70 feet, and gave a resolution of 0.4 inch/pix. I am looking to get better resolution (0.5 cm/pix) and fly at a lower altitude as I am mapping experimental plots. Can this be changed? Is it a restriction via the app or a restriction via my settings for the camera in DJI pro?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @White_Noise

Ground Sampling Distance is a function of altitude and the resolution of your camera.

The higher the resolution on your camera is, the smaller (and better) the GSD will be.

The lower you fly, the smaller your GSD will be as well.

We are considering lowering the minimum altitude from 70 feet. Right now, if you’re flying at 70 feet, without changing your camera, your GSD will remain the same.


10 meter flight altitude with DroneDeploy coming with the next 4 weeks :slight_smile:

Absolutely awesome. That’s going to make life very easy for me.