Flight Altitude vs better quality

Hi team,

Amazing tool for mapping thanks alot - generated my first map today with Inspire 1, DD app 1.3.3 and latest DJI FW.

I too had camera issues and failed final check- needed to close DD and start DJI GO then unplug USB and restart all - managed to take pic in GO APP and then relaunched DD - completed checks with no probs after that.

Final map looks amazing and images great colour and exposure. However at 100% i need more resolution, can I reduce the preset 264ft to say 175ft for a better quality final stitch? Naturally I’m aware of trees etc and high objects are well less thad 175ft

Will the drone need to shoot more images to compensate? What do you recommend for absolute best quality at ground level?
Can you advise on overlap etc also and would that help?

Rgds Quinn

You can adjust the altitude with the settings button in the bottom left after connecting to a drone. It will adjust speed to take the right number of images.

ok, cheers, so, in your opinion, will that generate a better quality image at basically ground level.

Yes. At 30-40 meters you should see around 1cm/pixel with inspire/P3.

Champion… thx again.

so the lower the altitude the slower the drone will travel meaning more battery used… with the checklist compensate and create a split/multiple flight

It won’t split the flight automatically, but if you come home early you can go back and continue that mission later. We keep track of the waypoints you flew and it should ask you if you want to continue mission or restart. There have been a few bugs reported with this when flying connected to the internet and we are working on those.