Flying altitude vs image resolution with X5

Hi everyone!
First of all Happy New Year!!!

I have a question about flying altitud when surveying for maps. The support on DroneDeploy’s web explains that in order to have a better quality map you have to fly higher in order to get more area per shot, that will translate in a better stitching process. Now here is the thing, if i fly higher i will also get les pixels per square meter, which translates in lower image quality…

So, for the same aircraft and camera, flying higher gives you more surface per shot with less image quality and flying lower does the oposite, les area per shot with more image quality. I guess the question would be, am i missing something and my thinking it’s wrong? is there an altitud where these two parameters get balanced and you get a great quality map without sacrificing image quality??

My objective is to get an orthomosaic of great quality, but without loosing the ability to zoom in and still have a good image!

Of course that there are flight time and battery repercussions as well, but let’s asume that’s not a counsern for this case, i’m interested only in the quality right now.

Thanks for your thoughts!!

I would start with this 3-part series. Yes, it tells you to fly higher but there are other suggestions for improving quality. Let me know if it helps: