Mission exceeds maximum height set in DJI Go

I failed to fly a mission today due to this error, however I double checked the beginner mode which sets altitude limit is off. I cannot find any other settings related to this issue, anyone help please? :confounded:

What is your maximum height set at in DJI go? How high is your mission?

Iā€™m using DJI Go 4 with Mavic Pro, the problem is I cannot see any settings for max height except for beginner mode. But I have turned off the beginner mode. Is there other place I can tune the max height in DJI Go 4?

If beginner mode is turned off there should be some settings in the same page which allow you to set the max height and radius.

Just figured it out: the settings for altitude/distance limitation is only editable on controller mode, I was trying to find on Wifi mode. Thanks.

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