Merging multiple datasets in same project

Is there a way to view a model of a building within a map that was uploaded as separate datasets, but within the same project? Currently, we do not see a way to do this. The map has to be viewed independent of the other dataset (which is just the building itself).
Can they both be merged into one dataset? Or do they all have to be uploaded at once? Can they be uploaded/added to an existing one?

Thank you for the assistance.

Also, the cloud service is very slow when viewing models. We have a gigabit internet connection. It seems like DD needs to upgrade their servers? Anyone else noticing this?

You are correct that there is not currently a way to view maps merged. You can do side-by-side comparison of different dates in the same project, but not one map “inside” of another. That said, you can manually upload all the images together in a new map. I do this pretty frequently with building projects. I upload one version with nadir only for good ground data, one with just the obliques for the building to create a nice 3D model of that and then another with all the imagery for the presentation model.

I have never experienced a slow model on a good internet connection. What browser are you using?

Thank you @MichaelL This would be an awesome update to allow for something like this. It is very slow. Tried SD and HD, but honestly see no difference in either one. Using Chrome. Even removed add-ons to see if that would help, it did not.

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Have you tried Incognito? The only real difference between SD and HD is the depth of what is rendered. HD renders detail further away so that more of the model looks in focus.

I do not notice any difference incognito. When the gear icon shows HD, is that stating that it is in HD?

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That’s correct, it is in the mode that the gear reports. What does your computer performance look like before and after loading a model? Is Chrome eating up allot of RAM and GPU?

CPU in 50% range when loading, then 0%. RAM 25%-35%. GPU hits around 90% during loading. Maybe GPU is the culprit? Chrome is not really eating up a lot of resources…these numbers are just overall while moving around and loading model

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