Problems with point clouds

It would appear some time in the last 9 months or so DD has changed how it outputs point clouds.

I exported some models in March of this year and it was as simple as adding the set from DD into ReCap and outputting a densified point cloud. Now nothing appears to work unless I manually update the co-ordinate system which brings some problems when trying to interpret the data.

are there any easier work arounds apart from paying $299 for .xyz of course!

Hi @gilly

We have made some changes to the point cloud export using the .xyz format. The current point cloud includes the RGB data as well. Changing the coordinate system of the point cloud is a best practice when scanning the project with ReCap. This allows you to align the file with your project file which is necessary to interpret the data with your current project effectively. The current export is a .xyzRGB rather than just a .xyz file. I apologize for the confusion. Please let us know if you have any questions moving forward.