Mavic Mini Compatibility


I’ve been scrolling through some forums on here to find out whether or not the mavic mini is compatible with drone deploy applications. I’m aware it wasn’t previously supported as DJI hadn’t released the SDK but since this was released around end of July 2020, I was wondering if the DD team were currently working in the background to make the application compatible with the drone. I’m waiting for the drone to be compatible with DD applications before i consider purchasing the mavic mini drone so it would be really helpful to understand the company’s position on this.


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Hi there,

Thank you very much for reaching out to our Forum with this question. I’m happy to help.

Because of the Mavic Mini’s size and signal strength, there is a limitation on how effectively the drone can map anything other than a very small area with no physical intrusions. Additionally, DJI has not yet announced when or if they’ll be releasing an SDK that will allow us to connect with the drone in the first place as well.

Because of these reasons, we do not yet have any plans to add support for the Mavic Mini on the flight side, but if you were to capture images with it using a DJI app, you would still be able to process them in DroneDeploy.