Material Density

I have been doing work at a large quarry, helping to work out stockpile volumes. The quarry manager is happy with results, but we have an idea. There are different densities with different material, for example 20mm Aggregate will be different to 5mm gravel. We can work this out manually, but a drop down box with different density values would make my quarry manager happy, perhaps any quarry manager happier.


Very cool idea, @Raven_Lens. I will relay your feedback to the team. Maybe we can consider this longer term.

We are doing a similar purpose and i don’t think it would necessarily be an added feature as there would be a vast set of parameters that would be, in my opinion, too large to be quickly sorted. i can divide by 27 and multiply by xxx much faster than i can pick from a huge drop down list. but if you find a slick way to add a “favorites” calculation tool for volumes that may be best.

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what types of materials are you measuring?

aggregate rocks @neema

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