Excavation survey & grade

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Is it possible for providing a client with not only with a few volume pile but with a grade for excavation so the client knows how far off they are from the rest of the site once they start excavation? I’m guessing so they can see if they need to dig more with a certain grade number from the start and how much volume they would have to dig? @MichaelL perhaps you already do that on QGIS I’m guessing with a point cloud?

Let me know if you need more info on the question and I’ll ask the client exactly what the need to do but so far that was the question.

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You can actually do that in DroneDeploy by uploading a design surface. I do export the cloud and do much more detailed reports in Agtek but for mass cut/fill and work to perform working to a pre-built surface from the contractor or something you create for them is still very helpful.

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Thank you Michael, Great read, a little out of my comfort zone for understanding everything but I will do some more research. I am guessing the survey would have to be tied to GCP and a survey of the site to the same CRS?


Eventually. Remember at the core of aerial mapping you are after relative accuracy, that’s bringing the error of the geotags down. Back in the day that’s what GCP’s did. Then came coordinating with other sources of information and CRS’s. Now we use RTK/PPK to acquire the relative accuracy and in some cases the global accuracy if the client is on Grid coordinates. You can use GCP’s with RTK if that is easier to coordinate but we prefer to use RTK relativity and checkpoints for QC. Then with the data still in native positioning there are many ways to rectify the deliverables to any other CRS. The method varies depending on the use case for the data.

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