Volumetric Materials List

We have got to find a different way to manage the list of materials that appears in the stockpile data. Our list is unmanageable and there isn’t a way to choose which materials are in a project. We have materials persisting from projects from years ago. This is especially problematic when some of those materials had classifications that don’t apply to any other projects. To my knowledge we would have to go through each job and delete each material individually. This is not practical and at the same time we have to be sure that those materials are not being removed from the originating project.

The better workflow would be to have a template of materials that are on pretty much every project to start with and add if needed from there. This would be our list.

  • Brush/Trees
  • Misc Spoils
  • Topsoil
  • General Fill
  • Lean Clay
  • Fat Clay
  • Rock (1-4in, 5-8in, 9-18in and Large)
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Select Fill

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Just to give you an idea. Yuck.

Ah yes - that’s frustrating - and for confirmation - is the reason you have multiple of these because there are different densities / values per project over time?

On a long running job, I assume the value/density of materials changes over time?

Therefore, given a set of templated materials like you suggest, do the definition / values need to be changing per project, or also over time in the same project?

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The materials are showing up from different projects as if they are being copied like annotations.

It would be nice to have the functionality to import a material list from an excel file or have a place to manage the material list within DroneDeploy instead of that dropdown menu.

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