Stockpile management

Can we have the option to choose between cut, fill and net volume for what the material volume is calculated from?

Previously the material volume was calculated from the net volume, however the recent update changed that to be the maximum of either the cut of fill. We add to and take from our stockpile so are wanting to see the change in the material volume


Is this for a pit/quarry scenario or construction?

Not sure if this helps but you can use the side-by-side map compare with a volume annotation and see both map’s volumes. Problem is that there isn’t a way to easily export/report that. We just take screen snips and past them in our MS Teams chat.

It’s for a coal stockpile that is used for power generation.

Currently we’re just tracking the volume calculations in a spreadsheet overtime so we can see how the volume changes. We use the auto-export with an elevation image but that won’t get us the numbers unfortunately.

The side-by-side is interesting but I don’t think you can specify a stockpile and instead it takes the whole flight map volume comparisons.

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You can use the side-by-side to compare specific areas. Our problem in construction is that the stockpiles float around their designated areas and it is hard to get a good consistent base. If you can put any budget towards it I would suggest finding a piece of software that will make it really easy to report localized volumes. We use Agtek Gradework but there are several others that can do similar. PM’ing you.