Mass Mission creation from KML/Excel/CSV

Given the number of missions the company I work with frequently has to create (1000’s per year and often in bulk), it would be a tremendous time saver to have the capability to import an Excel file or CSV, or even multi point KML and have the system create single point missions. If it could import those files and only utilize standard 3 column formatting with Name, Latitude, and Longitude, and create the new missions with a single point to then be edited for size and etc, It would likely save hundreds of man-hours per year for our company alone.

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I’m not quite sure what this means. You can import KML files which are basically glorified CSV files. Polygon for maps and path for corridor. One thing that you’ll have to be very careful of is making sure that the source you are getting the information from in order to make the KML is on the same coordinate system as the project that you are trying to collect data for so that it all integrates at the end of the day without manipulation.

To be more specific, the capability to upload a single KML with multiple single points, like oil field sites or single construction sites or what have you, and have it create individual missions around them that are then editable into flyable areas.

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Sorry, still not quite getting it. You repeated single points which to me is a path with no offsets or mapping functionality. More along the lines of what you would use for progress photos and videos. Mapping missions from a data perspective are just polylines and polygons. If you have shared storage then the pilot should go get it and create flight plan. The important point missing here is part of your other post where either that file needs to contain the configuration information or they need to be able to pick a default.