Path Rotation and KML/KMZ Map Import request!


Please implement these two features in your new update:

  1. Path Rotation: You can Move it But can not rotate the path! Also please add DRAW BOX feature, because many times I need just BOX, so it gets frustrating to draw it manually every time. Also Rotating feature is MUST HAVE!

  2. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT missing part in DD, “Importing KML/KMZ Map”. I am working on Survey/Mapping part. I live in Georgia (Country) and DD doesnt have sufficient MAP info about my country, so I create my OWN MAPS in KMZ/KML format and would like to import it in DD, so I could orientate MUCH better.

Many times I use other Drone Apps just to compensate these two missing features.

Sent you email about these requests, still no answer…

Hope you will take it into consideration!



If you want to rotate the path, there is a slider to the left called “Flight Direction”, for importing KML files there is an app called KML and SHP Import.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply.

KML/KMZ import app is just to make PATH not actual LAYER OF MAP.

The only thing that is within DD currently that would help with this problem is the app which allows you to plan over one of your previous maps. This would only help if you need to plan over an area you have previously flown.

That is why I am asking DD developers to implement this VERY VALUABLE FEATURE, I sometimes use other apps just to compensate this feature :\ its getting very annoying to jump from one to another app.