Marketing drone services?

How do you go about marketing your services based on DD products? e.g. I’m curious if you use cold calls, ads, online advertising in searches, social media, or some combination of the above? I’m trying to think out how to start introducing people in this area to drone services when they maybe haven’t considered that they would benefit from them.


If you’re active on LinkedIn, the Construction, Mining, and Agriculture communities are large and active. I think those industries would be receptive to you introducing the service, especially if you can talk to the points of saving time, money, and effort. DroneDeploy has some great case studies on their site and blog that speak to these points. In DD’s recent webinar, the professional from Rogers-O’Brien encouraged a cold call or introductory email to the tech department specifically vs. just showing up on the site. I’ve seen people post on a variety of Facebook forums too. I think it’s helpful to show an image or example of your work. My 2 cents. :slight_smile:

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I would in the first instance go through all your contacts and email them. Network as much as possible. I totally agree it isn’t a good idea to turn up on site. When you emil someone add a few good images and a link to a 3D model. Once people see what can be achieved they get interested pretty quickly.


Well said and I agree !

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