Marketing Materials

What are the chances of DD producing templates that it’s drone services clients can use to help generate business?
Example: A template explaining the benefits of using a drone and the software on a construction site. A template explaining the Pros of using Progress Photos and reports.
The templates should be able to be edited with the service providers info. Either way, it would still be promoting DD as well!


This is a great idea. I am moving it to Feature Requests.

I think a template by DroneDeploy in their own words would be the best representation of the possibilities, but there also needs to be the ability to enter the individual expertise and capabilities of each user. We have an infrastructure that allows us to do allot of things in-house that many others can’t. This is a result of building our VDC Team to perform with this kind of data from the start and the knowledge that we have gained from using as a part of our workflow for over 10 years.

For now I would visit the DroneDeploy Blog to look at some of that wording and also comments from successful users. You will find talents across all industries. Here is the high-level outline of services that we put in our proposal.

Great info! I have put together some marketing info, but it’s just so time consuming and tedious with everything else I have to do. I just thought that it would be easier if DD could make some editable templates to use. The last service you listed, how exactly does hosting a clients site on DD work?


I’m glad that made sense. I made Word templates for Proposals, Quotes and Invoices that I just change the work and entity.

We are on the Enterprise plan so we get a certain number of editing users. Our internal teams rely on my Team to produce the data so we don’t really need (or want) them to be able to edit maps. We supply what they need, but they can download our exports and reports if they wish.

External clients are added to our organization, asked to sign up for a free account and given permissions to a folder so that they can see their different projects, but we can also add them as non-editing users the same as our internal teams to provide view-only access and not take up those editing spots.


Would be really nice for us as well. Good idea though :+1:t2:

I have word and PDF templates for just about everything. I can make templates using all the information provided on the DD website and blog by simply copying and pasting, but would be so much more simple if they would do it and provide us paying customers with access to them. It would benefit them as well as us by providing easily editable templates for us to email or print out for potential clients explaining all the benefits etc.

Hopefully, the right person sees this and makes it happen! :slight_smile: