Maps in Incorrect Location in ArcMap

**Summary of Issue: Some 2D orthomosaic TIFFS do not map in the proper location when I load them into ArcMap

**Date Issue Began: 2017/10/01

**Drone Model: DJI Phantom 4 Pro

**Mobile Device Model and OS version: iPhone (not sure what model or iOS version, it’s about 4 years old)

Some of the orthomosaic 2D TIFFS I make with DD load into ArcMap perfectly and map exactly where they should. However, I have had 2 of them that map several kilometers too far north of the proper location. Note that the online preview in the DD app is fine, it shows the new map in the proper location, but the TIFF is too far north in ArcMap.

This may be a function of what EPSG setting you exported them at.
The default Web Mercator export setting usually works for this.

I have seen this with the JPG 2Ds as well, and have reported it. It occurred to me that maybe my Phantom 4 Pro was tagging the errant stills with in incorrect location, or a number that perhaps was not parsed correctly by the web app.

Yep, I just use the default projection, and sometimes it works and sometimes not. On the dashboard preview, where I can choose to export the map, it always plots in the correct location. But, it doesn’t always plot correctly in ArcMap, and it is always directly north of the proper location, but the longitude seems correct.

Hi @Timothy_Spier,

Have you tried verifying your EPSG code for exporting at