Live map problem

Summary of Issue: Livemap being created off flight path

Date Issue Began: Today

Drone Model: Phantom 4 Adv

Mobile Device Model and OS version: iPad IOS 11

DroneDeploy App Version: latest

The Live Map is in a different place (coordinates) than the standard flight plan?

Yes Chasco…yes it is. You see that strip of live map that has diverged from the flight path? Well the flight was fine and parallel to all the preceding rows. But for some reason the livemap headed off at an angle. It was quite disconcerting. Can you tell me why this happened or give me a way of not having it happen?

This just happened to me a couple hours ago. Luckily I was screen recording when it happened. I was doing a long roadway and the preview started veering to the north and west. As it came back to close the loop it returned to the correct location which cause the beginning of the roadway to be split. I was running the Linear Mapping app.


Can you share the name of the map/flight ID of your Live Map and the email address associated with your DroneDeploy account?

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