Large Project Frustrations with DroneDeploy

Am I the only one having real problems with exporting data from DroneDeploy?

The reason I ask is that I am into the second week now of having major export issues particularly with Web Mercator and Elevation Data.

I have tried another mapping service provider, and they have no problems with the output of elevation data.

There is so much I like about DroneDeploy, but I am reaching a point where I need to make a decision on the future of my relationship with DroneDeploy.

Is there a fix in the not too distant future?

Hi Fishton

Sorry to hear about your problem, I’m sure that’s frustrating.

We’re aware of issues in exporting, and actually there’s a large overhaul underway. Please send your user email, referencing this post to, and they’ll activate your account to work against the new exporter next week.

In addition we’re adding a feature to export elevation data as numeric values rather than colors in the coming weeks.


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Hi Mike,

Yes, it has been a very frustrating couple of weeks but look forward to seeing this resolved.

BTW - The coloured elevation is very important to me as well as contours (shape file)


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