"You are not able to export data which has been shared with you."

Getting this new message when exporting: “You are not able to export data which has been shared with you. Please ask the owner of the data to export instead.” I am the owner. I never shared it. I am signed in. This is a newly rendered map. Please advise.


Sorry to see this @geauxmedia- can you send us an email at support@dronedeploy with the name of this map and the account you flew it from?

This was a temporary issue. It eventually corrected itself. However, there is yet another issue in that I request an export of a completed map but receive no email notification. So far, waiting over 15 hours for it. Thanks…

Glad that worked out- did you make any changes, or access it from a different device/computer? If you see that again, please do send the email over to us so we can log the bug and look into it with our team. Thank you!

Good Morning,

I am having the same issue. I have logged onto a different computer and am now unable to export the data even though I am logged into my account.

Is their anyway around this or a fix coming for it. Its not just one map but all of my maps that i’am unable to export.

Makes it a bit frustrating doing trial and error work to see what works best for me when I can’t export the different formats.



Hi Jared,

If you have not already, could you please send us an email with the name of your map to support@dronedeploy.com? Thank you in advance.

I am having the same issue with all maps associated with my account. I have sent in an email to support@dronedeploy.com regarding this issues as well.

We’re coming to an end of the one month trial period, and one of the board members who has a lot of pull in the final say for signing up for the paid monthly service is the one who’s requesting additional exports. On top of that, the project is time sensitive and being unable to produce what’s needed is making me (the one who pushed using Dronedeploy) look extremely bad!!

Please advise ASAP!

The issues worked itself out like it did for geauxmedia - crisis averted.

Is this issue being address for future patches? I need to gather the final decision to go with a paid monthly subscription in the next two weeks, and this issue will definitely be brought up.