ITRF Coordinate System

Can u please put an option so we can export orthophoto as UTM3-ITRF96?

Hi there,

We will be expanding the export options to allow for multiple different coordinate systems in the near future, so stay tuned! We haven’t had many requests for this particular coordinate system before - is there a particular reason for wanting this coordinate system over something like WGS84 geographic or NAD83 UTM zones? We’d like to accommodate the most useful ones first, so it’s good for us to understand why some are preferred over others.

Hi Jeremy,

I’m not sure how can i explain this but i think these links can help:

(We use Netcad software to open these files)

or this file:

My friend said these schematic diagrams use UTM 3 degrees / ITRF96 Datum/Projections. My mapping knowledge is not so good but as i know this system uses Y, X numbers instead of degree, minute, seconds. I hope u understand me.