Point Cloud Naming

Good morning all! We still need a better naming system for exported files, but more particularly the point clouds need unique names. I’ve had several jobs with multiple sections of subdivision work or quarries with multiple stockpiles and I always have to create subfolders or rename all the files in order to tell them apart. Every other DD export has unique names and even though they are cryptic and over-complicated having something similar for point clouds would seem like a standard? Thanks!

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We also need proper scaling data included in the LAS file. I’m beta testing some other software and have noticed when I import a DD LAS file it’s importing as meters.

I work in US Survey Feet with EPSG 6588, I used be able to setup a Project with this information and all exports should follow these items I set for that project. I shouldn’t have to scale in 3rd party software. If I forget to set the EPSG then the projection is so far off it’s not even funny, easy to fix but not funny lol. When exporting Ortho JPEGs they set the EPSG to a default number that can’t be changed, which is fine but the issue is when you export the next item you may forget to set the correct EPSG, this has bit me a few times when I’m in a rush.

The other issue is the export of the DXF is in inches and I manually edit the file to set it to US Survey Feet so my guys processing on the back-end don’t have to worry about a scale factor, it just pops in the correction location.

Hey @GregO! this all sounds a bit strange. When I export I start with you orthomosaic and set it to the epsg that I need. Then as I click on my additional exports they automatically follow that epsg. I too work in survey feet just one zone north of you and all the files are correctly scaled to USFT. I know you are very familiar with the system so I’m not quite sure why you’re having issues with units. Unless it’s the software you’re bringing it into. I use Carlson Precision 3D for the point clouds and set up the scenario with my exported epsg and everything comes in just fine. Same for Carlson Civil and Autodesk Civil 3D. There’s not even an option to export in inches so I’m not sure how a dxf could do that unless it is the configuration of the software that’s bringing it in.

I’ll send you a export straight from DD so you can try it on your side. My guys are using MicroStation. I have have access to MicroStation, Carlson, AutoCad and Fusion 360 on my laptop but haven’t tried it myself since I fly quite a bit lately, hence not being online here for a few weeks, lol.

Missed you man! Just sent you a PM.