Is there a way to plan several missions before heading out?

I would like to do quite a few acres (1,500?) next week. Most fields are more than 130 acres (looking at corn and sorghum fields) so I’ll have to do 2 or 3 flights per field at the least.

I would like to plan missions ahead of time to make the most efficient use of batteries and my time.

I envision logging on to DroneDeploy on my laptop, planning 3 or so missions for a field and then naming them like so:

Field 1 a
Field 1 b
Field 1 c

Field 2 a
Field 2 b
Field 3 b

etc etc

In this way I can open the DD app on the Tab, load the correct mission, let it fly and not have to guess making sure I have created enough overlap between two missions so that they can be stitched together.

Is this possible? I can’t seem to figure out how to plan new missions on the laptop. It wants me to select a UAV but there are none to select.

I’m sure this process will be rendered useless when we can continue missions after a battery change on large areas, but for now it would be quite handy.

We have been working on this exact thing the past few weeks. The new DJI firmware delayed us about 2 weeks. We are going out to test the first version of this at burning man. Hope to finish the beta version for users next week.

Ok, thanks. So that means for right now, I need to just create my plan on the DD app right before I fly and do my best to make sure there is enough overlap so you can stitch flights together for me?

How much overlap is enough for crop scouting? Thanks.

60-70% of the neighboring polygons would be safe. We do pick up a bit of area outside the polygon though so less might work too.
Sorry for the trouble with continue mission.