How do I plan a mission around new building when I can't see it on the satellite map?

I want to plan a 3D mission around a new warehouse that is not on the DD satellite map.I want the mission to be precisely mapped as it would be for a warehouse that does show on the DD map. How do I plan a mission precisely around the warehouse when I can’t see it on the satellite map?? Thanks in advance…

When this happens for me I go to that location, find the blue dot representing my location and then build the flight based on that location.

Hi @geauxmedia

There are a few options that might be helpful here:

You can use Google Maps baselayers on the mobile app, which typically has better coverage than the baselayers we use on the desktop browser version.

You can create a KML of the flight plan in a different GIS program such as Google Earth, then import that file into DroneDeploy using the KML and SHP Import App.

Finally, you can use the Walk Flight Plan app to plan in the field using your mobile device as a handheld GPS.

Hopefully this is helpful.


You could fly a mapping mission over the area first to get a detailed topo and then use that as a base layer to plan your flight.