Grey, murky area in middle of map

Hello there!

First of all: thanks for this amazing tool. Just did my first three maps and I think they’re cool :slight_smile: In one of the maps ( there is a large grey murky area. I captured the image with a p3 professional at the default altitude in very fine weather using your app on an iphone6. Looking at the original images I uploaded - they look fine. Is this a bug? Is it still processing?

Best wishes from Germany!

Hi @tstaud - sorry to see that. The images do look fine in the camera roll. I will ask our team to take a look at them and see if something went wrong from our end. How is your Internet connection? Is it particularly slow, or were you uploading maps from multiple tabs? Would you mind re-submitting the same dataset to a new map using these instructions?

Hi neema,

thanks for looking into it. I use cable internet in Germany with 6 Mbit/s upload and 120 MBit/s download. I used a single tab to upload the images. I did not use the “map engine” button on the top right of the dashboard but rather the option to upload the images directly to the flight I had made, which was displayed on the dashboard. Hope this helps and thanks again for your efforts. I will try to upload them again with the map engine as you suggested later today.

hi @tstaud thank you - we reran the map and it looks as expected now (the grey blocks are gone). Please let us know if you see that again.

I am getting this on a few of my latest images as well. will re uploading the images and rerunning them provide different results?

Hi @croptech- if you go through the camera roll, do you see disrupted images? Are they partially grey or captured in very low light? Please send an email to with a link to the map, and we can check it out. Thanks.