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I’m Adam and that’s my first comment here, i’m rather an enthusiastic drone fan.

I’m working with remotely controlled slope mowers and i would look forward to use drone for mapping to measure and value precisely the land where i would work.

My question: I would take a try to synchronize the two vehicles( the mapping drone and the slope mower, like in preciosion agriculture).

Is there any way to do it? I mean, can i export the precise GPS data about the mowing area to install to the other vehicle? Or should i use or make an other appéication to sychronize them?

Sorry, if the question or the idea is stupid, I’m not a tech guy or expert of drones I was just wondering if with other agricultural vehicle it’s impossible there should be solutions for other vehicle or areas.

Thanks for your answers and patience, in advance!

Hi @Adam_Manhercz, welcome! Neat stuff. Are you thinking about creating data from a drone map and then somehow importing that into into a tractor? What are you looking for? Just an alignment to run by?

Hey Michael!

Thanks for your response!

Usually we work on areas like hard slopes, so not like an agricultural straight field, and with professional drones would be easier to measure and explore the area we would like to run our speciel vehicle. This vehicle is not a tractor, it is a special slope mower so it doesn’t have any connection possibility like a John Deere tractor.

After i mapped the given area with the drone and most likely with Dronedeploy i created and processed the gps cordinates and area conditions i would like to apply them to my vehicle to run it automatically. It or I might be blurry a bit, but i just want to automate my mower.

So i am looking for the opportunities how can i transfer gps data to a vehicle which is not compatible with dronedeploy.

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Basically it is really similar to precision agriculture, that i want to make my vehicle to work on the mapped area like a John Deere tractor, but our vehicle doesn’t have an own application to connect and import data with DroneDeploy like John Deere.(I also aware that the vehicle has to have a computer unit that process the data and controll the vehicle.)

So I don’t know if there is a file format that i can export from dronedeploy with gps and field data or i can use an other app for this or it needs a whole new app for this?

I would encourage you to look into the Emlid Community Forum. It is a collection of users of GPS equipment they manufacturer with many of them not only being surveyors, but drone pilots and agricultural trades. If you are looking for a system to control the machine it would be the best place to start.

That said we can create data on top of the DroneDeploy orthomosaic in QGIS to create things like waypoints and GPS tracks.

Thanks you very much, Michael!

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