Development of App to connect to a precision agriculture app

We are a company that builds a simple and powerful precession agriculture app to help farmers drive their tractor. It is the easiest to use app for that type of work on the market. Works with an external GPS antenna and an Android device.

Now, we do support the loading of shapefiles and imagery to it when the farmer has done some analysis of his field to perform variable dossfication. But the work is tedious. We think the connector to DroneDeploy could make a farmer be able to fly a drone, make an NDVI analysis and start using it straight away for fertilization super easy. And we think this is quite cool.

I am looking for a developer who can help us create the DroneDeploy app to make it work with our service. Is anybody interested on offering professional services that can help us get it done quickly?


Hey Jatorre,

This is a great app idea. If no one comes forward quickly in this thread I wanted to point out that DroneDeploy apps are written completely in html, css, and javascript. Anyone with experience building websites will feel comfortable building an app.

You could post this job on a site like and probably get quite a few submissions.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Dan,

I would guess there is some learning curve to the APIs, JS and CSS framework. Our website is this: Best

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