UK users comments please

Hello, are there any UK users on the forum who can share their experiences of using DroneDeploy?

I’ve been using it on the trial version & the free license for a few months, and I’m always happy with the results.
It’s relatively easy to get some reasonable 1st results, and from there it’s all about optimising your methods to get the best result.

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Glad to hear that, @Altitude_Aerial_Imag . Thank you for your comment!

I am using DroneDeploy on my own Farm in Oxfordshire…Would love to share Experiences and Ideas.

I have used the explorer version and now using the Pro version. Just need a cost effective way of creating varible rate maps etc.

I’ve used it on the coast here in in Cumbria and it gave a fantastic result. I’ve got more plans :slight_smile:

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Thanks for commenting here, @peterthefarmer :slight_smile:

Hi peter…I’m in Oxfordshire also. I’ve been doing construction mapping for a while but looking to get into Ag. Where are you in Oxfordshire? Would you be willing to let me fly/test things out on your land? I’m a CAA PfCO holder and insured! I’m on contact (at) if that’s easier! Cheers

Farm in Noth Oxon near Bicester.
C: 07711668234
Would like to chat re ag mapping

I have just started a 30 day trial - generally impressed however, I can’t see how to change the units from imperial to metric?

There is a setting to toggle this under the settings button on the top left of the screen.

Hi, I’ve just joined the forum, recently passed my operational / flight assessment and playing the waiting game with the CAA. In the meantime I’m about to start learning to use Drone Deploy for the property, construction and agriculture sectors.
I’ve been watching and participating in many of the DD webinars over the recent months to build up a basic knowledge. Any new starter advice would be greatly appreciated.
I’m based in NW London on the borders of Hertfordshire and would love to find a couple of sites to practice.
Thank you in advance.

Hi everyone…

Farm Manager from Nottinghamshire here.

Been using DD on the 28 day trial, mapping fields using my Mavic. Very impressed but not sure I can justify the full subscription as yet, so have now reverted to the free version for the moment.

Happy to chat to other farmers about any asoect and my experiences to date.

Hi folks.
I’m new to aerial mapping and also new to DroneDeploy together with a DJI Inspire-2 with X5S Camera and the standard (15mm) lens. So far I have had only two experiences, one good and the second not so good:
For my first test, I used the DJI Ground Station Pro app to collect the data. The subject was a small, flat, playing field. I uploaded the 50+ images and was rewarded with a good map. All good!
For my second test, I used the DroneDeploy app over a larger (4.3 hectare) crop field. The flight lasted about 5 min and collected 89 images. However the map was incomplete (only about 20% stitched). I tried up-loading the data-set a second time but with a similar (but different) result. The map is again only about 20% complete. I have read the tutorials on the subject and it occurs to me that it might be due to the fact that the field is covered in good quality crop. The other factor that has occurred to me is that while using the DJI GSPro app, the aircraft hovers to take each photo, DroneDeply does so on the fly - which is much faster, but could this be a factor? The altitude in both cases was about 50m and the overlap was adequate (more than 60%).
Any suggestions much appreciated!
Kind regards

For what its worth - I repeated the test today, buy this time flying at 100 m and all went well!

From the tutorials I have seen, the height they advise is 90m (300ft) and I think your overlap of 60% is possibly insufficient for a good stitch.

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