Free account - no more import KML app?

It seems free account can no longer use KML import?
I use paid accounts from customers, but I have don’t have enough other business to justify a paid account.
I’m in big trouble if this is true…
JIm D.

I’ve never, ever been able to produce a “proper” KLM file that would import into DD.

What is the secret.
I have some 4 sided polygons I would like to import.
DD does not like QGIS objects or objects from Google Earth.

The KML’s I get from my employer - I go into google earth and remove the fill, and only export the polygon I need to map, and DD takes them. You must export as KML, won’t take a KMZ.
Use “Save Place As” from the right click menu and select KML from the drop down,

Thanks for the reply.

If I create a new polygon in GE and try to export it DD won’t import the file. How do I remove the fill if the polygon has no fill to begin with?