The KML Export - Issue?

The KML Export is missing data from what I can tell.

Here is the flight path flown

And here is the KML file that DD provided to be imported into Google Earth superimposed on the flight data. Any idea why the mismatch?

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Do you have terrain on? Where is the image? Is it in the same folder as the KML?


Not sure what you are referring to regarding Terrain On. Also what picture? I need you to explain that a bit more clearly.

When I exported the project, in one of the zipped files was the KML file. When I loaded it into Google Earth, thats what I got.

If the terrain toggle is on in Google Earth sometimes it will partially hide features that are overlaid. The toggle is usually on the left hand pain towards the bottom of the checkboxes. The KML itself does not contain the imagery so the image that is in the zip file or part of the export has to be in the same place (folder) as the KML for it to show up.


I found a workaround. If I change the resolution to 20in/px and export, it imports in to Google Earth and the overlay looks proper. I can’t explain why the other is that way.

With the KML that came with the 20in/px export of did you open the ortho directly in Google Earth?

We use to do Google Earth Super-Overlays with 4in/px and create our own KML’s that are embedded with CAD and other GIS and engineering data. Now we do all of that in QGIS.