KML an SHP File import

Trying to use a kml or shp file to plan a flight. Have tried importing noth formats numerous times with no luck. Says its processing accepts the files bt does not display the polygon I created. Tried creating KML’s in both Globalmapper and Google earth with no Success. What could I be doing wrong???

PM me the kml and I will have a look if you want.

Eventually tried creating a Polygon with fill included and it worked not sure why if you choose outline only it does not work. Thanks for replying

Not sure… I just tried polygon outline, outline and filled and just filled and they all worked- this was in google earth pro. However if you try to use a “path” instead of polygon it doesn’t work.
Good that you got it to work.

If you create a shapefile in a third party software like ArcGIS or Global mapper I have seen a few instances when customers have issues using the file. What you can do is load the file into Google Earth and then trace it. By making a new copy of the kml in google earth it will usually upload to the kml / SHP application in our app market fairly seamlessly.

I’m not sure if I’ve missed something here but what is the advantage of using
KML files to plan a mission? I have tried it but I can see no real difference to using the online mission hub.

I use it all the time. Flying a constantly changing road construction site- the base imagery is outdated (where I am working it is at least a year old- so doesn’t show any construction progress at all). I have updated imagery (from my previous flight) in google earth so I can trace areas I want to re-map quite accurately- then save KML and upload to DD. Alternatively I can output polygons as .kml from my survey CAD apps eg. using design strings and use that in DD also.

example- base imagery is like this:

current imagery looks like this:

Without this function I would often just be taking a “best-guess” at setting up flight paths- and would often either fly too much area or miss bits in some areas.

Wow! So you’re using data from your previous mission to plan future missions, I can definitely see the advantage of that. Thanks for explaining, seems obvious now.

Hi all, I know this is an old thread but I just can’t get DD to load a kml or SHP file (installed and registered today). I’ve tried all options described above (filled, outlined etc) and am literally trying to import a polygon with only 3 vertices. No matter what I do, I get the error “File not supported”. Any suggestions?

And it is a KML extension not KMZ correct? Many sources use the interchangeably, but it has to be KML.

What did you create it with? Can you share it?

Hi there, thanks for the swift response. It is in KML format, created with Google Earth. I’ve made a 5 vertice, outlined only polygon for this test, you can download the KML and inspect it here:
I also created a screen recording showing my attempt to import this KML and the resulting error message here:

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So we skipped the most basic of the troubleshooting and I just realized you were on a mobile device. Would you please provide the model, OS version and DroneDeploy version? I was able to import into the desktop and my iPad.

Thanks. I’m on Android 9 using a Huawei P20 Pro. I uninstalled Drone Deploy so can’t give you the version but it was the latest from the PLAY store. I tried Pix4D Capture which worked first time no problem and really is just a superior product so don;t think I’ll be going back to DD. Thanks for your time though.